YRLS Associations

Nine associations work together to deliver the YRLS conference.
They share common values and objectives:


We organize meetings (such as the YRLS), workshops, conferences dedicated to students, PhD and post-doc, granting them with tools for success.


We help newcomers (students, PhD candidates and young doctors) to settle down in Paris but also in the institutes (especially foreigners who discover France for the first time). We also bring people together by providing entertainment (welcome day, gala, parties, lunches, travels, etc.)


We promote contacts between young researchers and scientists working in private companies through round-tables and workshops.


Association CEA des Thésards d’Île-de-France

ACTIF is aimed to help PhD students along their stay at CEA. Through our actions, we
hope to encourage social exchange as well as professional development on PhD

We organize different activities in partnership with several associations of young
researchers in the Parisian region, or in collaboration with associations from other
CEA centers. 3 areas are targeted: Social, Scientific and Professional.

Feel free to contact us at

And to like our Facebook page
“Association CEA des Thésards d’Ile de France – ACTIF”


Association des Doctorants et des jEunes chercheurs de L’Institut d’Hématologie

The ADELIH (Association des Doctorants et jEunes chercheurs de L’Institut d’Hématologie) was created in 2007. The aim of the association is to promote interactions between master students, PhD students and young researchers. Adelih also creates opportunities for the young researchers to network with professionals from both academia and industry

After many years of active collaborations with other associations, they joined the YRLS Federation in 2016.

Contact : adelih[at]hotmail.fr


Association des Doctorants et jeunes docteurs de l’Institut Curie

Created in 1997, the ADIC represents all Master’s degree students, doctoral candidates, postdocs, and young doctors working in the Institut Curie, located rue d’Ulm, Paris.
They initiated the YRLS meeting in 1997.
Please visit our website: adic.curie.fr
Contact: adic@curie.fr


Association des Doctorants en Innovation Thérapeutique

Created in 2001, the aim of this association is the organization of annual congress JED (Journée de l’École Doctorale) which regroup all Phd students from the ED425.
They help promoting trans-thematic research and interactions between young researchers and their labs.
Visit our website: www.adit-asso.fr
Contact: adit.association@gmail.com


Association Médecine Pharmacie Sciences

Created in 2009, the association promotes MD-PhD training in French universities and develop networking between MD-PhD candidates (from “Ecole de l’INSERM”, ENS and other universities offering MD-PhD trainings throughout France).
Unlike the other organizing associations, AMPS network spreads all over France, thus YRLS meeting is a good opportunity for their members to meet and share their experience.
Please visit our website: www.amps-asso.fr
Contact: contact@amps-asso.fr

Les Cartésiens

Le Cercle des Docteurs et Doctorants de Paris Descartes

The Cercle des Docteurs et Doctorants de Paris Descartes was created in 2010. This Association gathers together current PhD candidates and Postdocs as well as alumni of the Paris Descartes University.
Its first aim is to establish a network between young researchers and alumni. In addition, it works at promoting the doctoral degree in the industrial sector, in cooperation with the university and the national young researchers confederation (CJC).
Please visit our website: http://lescartesiens.parisdescartes.fr/


Association of the Students and Postdocs of the Institute of Biology of the ENS

SPIBens was created in 2009 at the Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS, Paris) to promote interactions between the young researchers of the institute.
They organize social and scientific events, and are pleased to once again participate in the YRLS conference.
Contact: spibens@gmail.com


Association des Stagiaires et jeunes chercheurs de l’Institut Pasteur

StaPa represents all the young researchers working in the Institut Pasteur (Paris). Since 2001, they have been organizing every year the Stapa Congress within their walls. In 2010, they have decided to devote their energy to build up this joint edition of the YRLS meeting. Contact: bureau@stapa.fr


Young Researchers of Imagine Institute association

YR2I association was created few months after Imagine Institute
opening, in january 2014, to promote interactions and represent master
students, PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and engineers. Their
missions is to reinforce young researchers participation to the
scientific life of the institute and organize scientific and social
events to promote communications between Imagine institute members. They
joined the YRLS federation in 2016. Contact : assoyrii[at]gmail.com