Ganna Panasyuk

Ganna Panasyuk


Dr. Ganna Panasyuk is a head of the team at Necker Institute of Sick Children (INEM, INSERM Unit 1151, Paris, France). She has earned her PhD degree in Molecular Biology from the Institute of Molecular biology and Genetics in Kyiv, Ukraine. Early on in her training she has got interested in transduction mechanisms governing growth control such as nutrient sensing mTOR/PI3K signalling pathway. She was trained in this field as a postdoc, first, in the lab of Ivan Gout at University College London, UK, and then in the lab of Mario Pende at INSERM, Paris, France.

In 2013, Ganna has won a senior scientist tenure track position at INSERM. The ultimate goal of her team is to bridge the gap in understanding of metabolic integration in vivo by nutrient sensing pathways and its implication in human disease. Ganna’s team zooms-in into different facets of PI3K signalling. They address the roles of two different branches of PI3K signalling in metabolic control and their implications in physiology and in liver disease. Ganna’s team has contributed to this field by discovering novel mechanisms of an anabolic switch downstream of chronically activated insulin-class 1 PI3K pathway in liver cancer. They have also discovered that another type of PI3K, a class 3 PI3K, poorly studied in mammals, is a novel essential catabolism integrator in vivo. Her team has established that defective class 3 PI3K in muscles manifested in profound lysosomal defects provoking muscle disease. They have also demonstrated a long-sought cross-talk between pro-anabolic insulin receptor signalling and class 3 PI3K and provided the first evidence that, in liver, class 3 PI3K is essential for organismal glucose homeostasis. Most recently, they have discovered an unappreciated role of class 3 PI3K in transcriptional control of mitochondrial metabolism in fasting.

Dr. Ganna Panasyuk is also an active member of scientific community serving as a reviewer in multidisciplinary and specialized journals. The growing recognition of her team is reflected in national and international awards, including the most recent award from European Research Council (ERC) in 2018.

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