Guidelines 2019


Open: from 1st April 2019

3rd May 2019 (including selected talks)



First fill out the registration form and check out via PayPal (no need for PayPal account), and you will receive 2 confirmation emails (one from YRLS, and one from PayPal.)
The link to the abstract submission form is included in the confirmation email from YRLS.
Before finalizing your registration and abstract submission, please make sure that:
  • Your registration information is complete and accurate,
  • Your abstract is correct and proof-read (please read guidelines for abstract below).
We strongly recommend that you prepare a draft abstract using a text editor and copy paste information once your final version is ready to be submitted.
In case of duplicated registration and/or abstract submission, only the latest version will be considered by the YRLS organizing committee.
For any query, please write to adding your NAME + the words SUBMISSION QUERY in the message header.



Provide a 2000 characters abstract (including spaces, title < 20 words) in English detailing your research work.
Abstracts are reviewed anonymously based on their clarity, originality, impact and scientific results.
You can either apply for a TALK or a POSTER
  • TALKS : 10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes of questions
    We accept Powerpoint, Keynote and PDF formats (brought on USB key to organizing team before the talk session begins)
  • POSTERS : A0 Format (84 cm length by 118 cm height).
    Check your panel number and hang the poster in the morning as soon as possible (strap and pins provided).
Non-selected talks are converted to posters if you selected the option during submission.



This year, YRLS will be articulated around 3 main TOPICS, one for each day:

  • Decoding Life – From DNA to organisms

  • Innovating for a Better World – Therapeutics and technologies

  • Unraveling Diseases – What went wrong ?

During registration, you will be asked to choose TWO subtopics that fit best your research interests (1st and 2nd choice) among the 8 sessions proposed below:

Welcome to GATTACA *

Gene, DNA, RNA, regulation, expression, microRNA, epigenetics, gene silencing/activation, study of nucleic acids, small molecules, translation, synthetic DNA, replication, transcription, gene discovery/function, chromatin biology, histone post-translational modifications, DNA (hydroxy)methylation, etc.

* adapted from the title of the movie GATTACA.

The One from Proteins to Systems

Proteins, organs (heart, brain, kidney…), systems (immune, hematological…), development of the immune system, immune tolerance, cellular immunology/immunological mechanisms, physiology, cell signaling, network biology, protein interactions, metabolomics, cell functions/dynamics, organelles, cell organisation, brain development, brain function, memory, nervous system, etc.

Survival of the Fittest *

Evolution, development, ecology, interaction with environment, phylogeny, embryology, ageing, bioinformatics, species development, etc.

* expression often used by Mr. Herbert Spencer.

Heal the World *

Therapeutics, drug development, drug discovery, gene therapy, diagnostics, phage therapy, nanomedicine, targeted therapy, vaccines stem cells, immunotherapy, cancer treatment, etc.

* title of a Michael Jackson song.


Technologies, nanotechnology, diagnostics, CRISPR/CAS9, PET, synthetic biology, tissue engineering, tools for treatment development, biological chemistry, physical chemistry, biomaterials,  bioengineering, bioinformatics, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

System Failure

Organ diseases (heart, kidney, skin…), system pathologies (neurological, immune, hematological..), muscle diseases, degenerative diseases, etc.

Predator vs Host

Infections, virus (HIV…), host-pathogen interactions, resistance, microbiology, etc.

Hardwired to Self-Destruct *

Autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, immunodeficiencies, allergies, mutation, genetic diseases,  cancer, metastasis, tumour microenvironment, fundamental mechanisms of cancer, etc.

* title of a Metallica song.


Prizes will be awarded for the best talks and posters according to our jury panel.

  • 1 session chair and 2 senior researchers will judge TALKS based on:
    SCIENCE – scientific results, originality of the approach and answers to questions
    PRESENTATION SKILLS – quality, clarity and layout of the presentation
  • 1 senior researcher and 1 junior researcher will judge POSTERS based on:
    SCIENCEscientific results, originality of the approach and answers to questions
    PRESENTATION SKILLS readability, clarity of the poster and oral presentation


No refund possible of the registration fees after 15th of April 2019